Geo-Labs Intranet is basically a customizable Intranet solution, developed by GAPL, specifically for geotechnical engineers. Its basic aim is to automate the functioning of any company that provides geotechnical services. It accomplishes its objective by managing project data collected during field investigations and subsequent laboratory testing. It also provides OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) features that greatly improve quick and efficient decision making capabilities. The system is capable of generating online presentable reports with graphics in either HTML or PDF format. This solution is developed using ASP logic and uses popular Microsoft's Windows Distributed Network Architecture. Contact GAPL for pricing details.

Open GIS Viewer Toolkit is an open source GIS Viewer component funded by GAPL. It is developed in an open source fashion by a group of talented young developers headed by Abhimanyu Mam. It is basically an embeddable Map Viewing ActiveX Com Component for application Developers. This means that it can be used with any development environment that supports ActiveX controls such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, PowerBuilder or Microsoft Access. It requires Windows 95 or higher or Windows NT 4.0 or higher operating systems. At present it supports only ESRI Shapefiles but support for Idrisi raster files will soon be added. It is available for free download from our download section. The idea behind releasing this software under LGPL is to allow tight budgeted NGO's, Non Profit Organizations & Research Oriented Projects to leverage its price performance benefits. 

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