Geo Appraisal Pvt. Ltd. (previously Geotech India) is a Jodhpur based Geological, Geotechnical and Information Solutions company providing quality consulting services to clients nationwide. Led by experienced professionals with a broad exposure to the national and international markets, the primary business area of the company remains focused on each of these three domains, and especially the interface of these areas of expertise.


Although the services we provide are applicable to multiple market segments, our current core strengths lay in servicing clients in the areas outlined below:

  • Housing, Commercial & Office Complexes

  • Industrial Projects

  • Dams, Barrages, Canals & Bridges

  • Roads, Railways, Runways, Tunnels & Pipelines

  • Towers, Silos, Tanks & Chimneys

  • Irrigation & Drainage Works

  • Ports & Harbors

  • Organizations addressing Urban Infrastructure Development Issues

  • Organizations addressing Exploration Of Earth Resources & Environmental Issues


We believe that the expertise offered by Geo Appraisal Pvt. Ltd. is distinctive from that of other companies and stand apart because of our: 

  • Extensive experience.

  • Broad range of project experience across multiple market segments.

  • Multi-disciplinary team of Civil Engineers, Geologists, Geophysicists & Information Solutions Specialists.

  • Extensive expertise in all aspects of geological & geotechnical engineering which cover detailed field exploration, laboratory testing and preparation of final recommendations.

  • Follow business practices established and acceptable to government Agencies.

  • In-house Research & Development team innovating and testing new solutions.


With a focus on our core expertise and on complete customer satisfaction, we also leverage strategic business partnerships to provide a complete range of project based services for our clients, providing a single point of operational responsibility, improved efficiency and better project delivery.

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